Rafael Nadal won a bit uncomfortably against Nicolas Almagro. Most of his fans expect him to play againt the red-hot Robin Soderling this year's final, who giant killed Roger Federer this year in the Quarter Finals. He was also the one proved Rafael Nadal can be beaten on the French clay last year.

Now I was lucky that the match was not prolonged into a 4th set or third set tie-breaker. Otherwise I would not have got a chance to have a few words with him due to time crunch. As promised he spent a few minutes with me, and obliged a couple of autographs for me :-)

A small memory of the chat...

Q: Rafa, let me congratulate you for the resurgence of your previous form... (Am about to say some thing, but he laughed coolly, and shrugged before saying, I never felt like that). Okay how's this game gone as per your... I smiled at the obvious answer

A: Not on expected lines, but me go a bit of warm up sort of thing for the even bigger match.

Q: Whom do you expect to face in the finals?

A: (A wide grin and running his fingers through his wet hair) Let me finish the kill in the Semis.

Q: Many people wanted a RaFedEx in the Roland Garros finals. But the script was not like the same this time like the last year. And me visualizing a final with Robin. What say?

A: Let me put it this way. A RaFedEx, quite a sexy word. (Another cool grin). I feel bitter sweet if I defeat him for my 5th RG. But Soderling' a different story, and a talk of last year upset Oh deja vu.

Q: (While he was obliging an autograph to a small guy), How do you feel about the crowed support, and the wishes of your fans (Me a BIG fan of Rafa)?

A: (The answer surprised me sweetly) When people think and pray for your good, and those are around you, I believe, I can achieve success. Part of my resurgence the word you used (laughter)is due to the blessings. When people around you feel positive for you, it just happens that you can be at a great... (he smiled as I felt the obvious finish)

Q: One more question... (but he was to go, so the chat finished)

But to my surprise, he rushed back as quickly as his on court reflexes, pulled the book from my hands, and autographed with an apologetic smile.

I said, Thank you Rafa, and best of luck, and pushed another book from my bag for one more autograph, saying itz for my kid (he laughed), and I wished him an advanced BIRTHDAY.

Yesterday is Chanti's birthday, and this one is a sort of a birthday gift.

Though the match atmosphere was hot because of stiff opposition, Rafa is cool.

2DAY (June 3rd) IS RAFAEL NADAL'S BIRTHDAY. B&G wishes him a great birthday. We wish him a fifth RG title.

Posted by Srujana Ramanujan Jun 4, 2010

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