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Author(s): Ben G. Streetman, Sanjay Kumar Banerjee
Publisher: Prentice
Date : 2005
Pages : 583
Format : PDF
Quality :
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 812033020X
ISBN-13 :


Solid State Electronic Devices
By Ben G. Streetman, Sanjay Kumar Banerjee

* Publisher: Prentice Hall India
* Number Of Pages: 583
* Publication Date: 2005
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 812033020X
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9788120330207

Product Description
For undergraduate electrical engineering students or for practicing engineers and scientists, interested in updating their understanding of modern electronics. One of the most widely used introductory books on semiconductor materials, physics, devices and technology, this text aims to: 1) develop basic semiconductor physics concepts, so students can better understand current and future devices; and 2) provide a sound understanding of current semiconductor devices and technology, so that their applications to electronic and optoelectronic circuits and systems can be appreciated. Students are brought to a level of understanding that will enable them to read much of the current literature on new devices and applications.

Summary: Extremely Satisfied
Rating: 5

I'm taking a course in solid state devices and I needed the sixth edition but my professor said a fifth edition would do fine. The price difference was significant so I looked for the fifth edition. I received the book on time, it was in great condition and I'm extremely satisfied with it.

Summary: Done with Ch. 2 and I feel the need to review.
Rating: 2

I have read up to chapter 3 and I am confused. This book could have some answers to the problems so I could verify that I understand the concepts that have been so loosely conveyed to me in the text.

Summary: Excellent and Up-to-Date Text, Better As a Second Text
Rating: 4

Streetman wrote this book as an assistant professor almost 40 years ago at the rise of the industry. He and his former student (a professor at UT Austin) have continually updated this book into its sixth edition. With so many revisions and accolades, you can be quite confident that this book will serve as a solid text for learning about the operation and fabrication of traditional and modern semiconductor devices.

I've read this book twice through in detail along with Pierret's Semiconductor Device Fundamentals, parts of S. Sze's book, and many other books that cover semiconductor physics. For an undergraduate learning the material for the first time, I HIGHLY recommend reading Pierret's book instead, with this book for more detail on modern devices and additional information on basic topics. Pierret holds your hand as he walks you through the material, explaining many details and limiting cases for basic material...Streetman doesn't quite do that. Pierret also puts some emphasis on computational solutions and graphing via MATLAB, which I think is very useful for learning and necessary in more advanced works.

Streetman excels in mentioning and explaining many unconventional effects and advanced devices, as well as talking about integrated circuits. In addition, Streeman spends many sections on fabrication techniques and device processing. He also includes some nice curves, material properties, and useful equations placed in known areas of the book (front/back cover, appendix, etc...), which are very useful for quick reference. Clearly, this book is better for an advanced reader, but I did appreciate some of Streetman's explanations (especially for the operation of a BJT) and the overall progression of the sections, which are very useful for a first-time reader. For an even more advanced text, one should consult Simon Sze's text.

In conclusion, this is an excellent text and should be read by those who plan to stay in the field. It is perfectly fine for a first-time learner, but is better the second time around. I give it a 4/5 instead of 5/5 because I feel introductory books need to grind out the basics extensively, which Pierret does a better job of.

Summary: Great Value
Rating: 5

Even though this product was labeled "Used" it was basically in pristine condition for an unbeatable price.

Summary: Good text, lots of practice problems
Rating: 5

I would recommend this book for those upper-level undergraduates and graduate students who are studying this field of solid state electronics. I was familiar the Streetman's 3rd edition many years ago and this latest edition is dramatically expanded and improved. Considering how quickly technology develops, this book is reasonably current. There's a good amount of material on III-V semiconductors. One strong point of the this book is the large number of practice problems and a self-quiz at the end of each chapter. The problems are not simple but require some effort. There were a couple sections where the wording was a little confusing at first reading but this is minor.

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