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Author(s):David Halliday, Robert Resnick, Jearl Walker
Publisher: Wiley India
Date :May 2008
Pages :1224
Format : PDF
Quality :
Language : English
ISBN-10 :


ISBN-13 :





In a breezy, easy-to-understand style this book offers a solid understanding of fundamental physics concepts, and helps readers apply this conceptual understanding to quantitative problem solving. It offers a unique combination of authoritative content and stimulating applications.

Table of contents :
· Measurement
· Motion Along a Straight Line
· Vectors
· Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
· Force and Motion I
· Force and Motion II
· Kinetic Energy and Work
· Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy
· Center of Mass and Linear Momentum
· Rotation
· Rolling Torque, and Angular Momentum
· Equilibrium and Elasticity
· Gravitation
· Fluids
· Oscillations
· Waves I
· Waves II
· Temperature, Heat, and the First Law of Thermodynamics
· The Kinetic Theory of Gases
· Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
· Electric Charge
· Electric Fields
· Gauss' Law
· Electric Potential
· Capacitance
· Current and Resistance
· Circuits
· Magnetic Fields
· Magnetic Fields Due to Currents
· Induction and Inductance
· Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current
· Maxwell's Equations;
· Magnetism of Matter
· Electromagnetic Waves
· Images
· Interference
· Diffraction
· Relativity
· Photons and Matter Waves
· More About Matter Waves
· All About Atoms
· Conduction of Electricity in Solids
· Nuclear Physics
· Energy from the Nucleus
· Quarks, Leptons, and the Big Bang

Market Description :
· Physicists
· Physics Students
· Instructors

About Author :
David Halliday is associated with the University of Pittsburgh as Professor Emeritus. As department chair in 1960, he and Robert Resnick collaborated on Physics for Students of Science and Engineering and then on Fundamentals of Physics.

Robert Resnick is professor emeritus at Rensselaer and the former Edward P. Hamilton Distinguished Professor of Science Education, 1974-93. Together with his co-author David Halliday, he revolutionized physics education with their now famous textbook on general physics, still one of the most highly regarded texts in the field today.

Jearl Walker, professor of physics at Cleveland State University, received his BS in physics from MIT in 1967 and his PhD in physics from University of Maryland in 1973. His book The Flying Circus of Physics was published 30 years ago, has been translated into at least 10 languages, and is still being sold world wide. For 16 years he toured his Flying Circus talk throughout the U.S. and Canada, introducing such physics stunts as the bed-of-nails demonstration and the walking-on-hot-coals demonstration to countless physics teachers, who then proceeded to hurt themselves when they repeated the stunts in their own classrooms. These talks led to his PBS television show Kinetic Karnival which ran nationally for years and which earned an Emmy.

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