మీ బ్లాగు పోస్టులన్నింటినీ పీడీఎఫ్ చేసి ఎక్కడికైనా తీసుకుని వెళ్ళి అప్పుడప్పుడూ మళ్ళా చదువుకోవాలని ఉంటుందా? ఒక చిన్న పని చేసి ఆ ఆనందం పొందొచ్చు.

Heard about the FOSS movement? The Free and Open Source Softwares? Now am not going to explain what that great thing is. But am going to explain myself about a small trick which I have learnt recently. If it is useful to you, I'l be happy. You can use it. If you already know it, just spread the thing to everybody you know, so that they can get the benefit of this free and efficient software.

Now coming to the point. See the second widget on the right hand side. Wrote... "USE OPENOFFICE.ORG". yes. Click there and download the open-office package. It's just like the MS Office package. Now, if you use Baraha, write whatever you want in wordpad, save it. Topen the OpenOffice Writer (Equivalent of the MS Word. Working beter than MS Word 2003, and have some more fasntastic features). Go to the File Menu, and click 'open'. Then from it catch the saved wordpad telugu file, and right click on it. Go to 'open with' and there you find open with 'swriter'. Click it, and BingO! You will get your telugu script on the OpenOffice Writer, as it is. Then Search for the icon suggesting pdf (when u put the cursor on it, it shows the msz... 'export as pdf'). Click it, and save the file where you want. Then you will have the pdf of your telugu post ready, with out and word to pdf converting software.

HowZ it? may be simple technique, and not well written. I'm not a techie, nor an expert in Computer fields. Just learning things on my own, and feel like share it with some friends, and explain the process to myself.

The OpenOffice is the best office package I have ever seen. It has all the features of MS office 2003, and many more if you are willing to learn. Very simple, and nice. Have a try. A completely free software, with best of the features. Surely it matches the functionality of Office 2007, if not better it.

Today I have become SONIA GANDHI by sacrificing my system to Chaithi (she has exams), so I gota make this post in the cafe. You know how it is... You can write a big post on home system, while I can not even finish typing a 2 line comment in telugu. ;-) That is the reason why I'm unable to put the screen shots for better understanding.

BOL Chaithi. You too wish her a best of work, not luck, in the exams.


Posted by గీతాచార్య Aug 4, 2009

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